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The coastal region is the hub of a big percentage of import and export exchanges in the country. This has attracted massive growth in the area leading to social and economic developed with time. The beautiful sceneries in the area has attracted both local and international tourists. Investors have also taken a liking in the place. Malindi is the biggest town in the North Coast and is highly sought after in terms of investments, good lifestyle and the close proximity it has to the beach.

Here are some pointers of what you will be getting in Malindi:

  1. Has a domestic airport (Malindi International Airport)
  2. Has a highway that connects to Mombasa to Lamu from Malindi
  3. Beautiful Swahili culture
  4. Home to famous Vasco Da Gamma pillar
  5. Clean sandy beaches
  6. Hospitable locals
  7. Favorable weather conditions

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