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what is a title deed.

A title deed is a legal document that can be presented as proof of land ownership in kenya. Being the only document that proves ownership, it is very crucial for any individual that wants to be a land owner. This is basic knowledge even to scammers. The trick is knowing whether the title deed being presented is the land’s original deed.

There are 2 types of title deeds:

Freehold title deed– This title deeds cannot be claimed by any other person or entity but the owner of the piece of land. This means that the land belongs to the owner fully and he or she can make decisions pertaining the property in question.

Leasehold title deed- These title deeds subject the occupant to a period of ownership not more that 99 years. Conditions are imposed by the lessor to the occupant.

Online title deed search.

Title deed search is the process of retrieving a property’s prior records to determine its history of ownership and transactions that have been done on it. A title deed search is conducted by the land registry. It can be done physically by going to the land registry or online. At the moment, people are busy and may lack time to go to the land registry and do the land search. Things have been made easier since now the search can be done online. What you require is; your full names, title deed number and your Identity Card number.

  • Register into the e-Citizen portal. Sign in if you already have an account.
  • Click on the Ministry of Land, Housing & Urban Development link then select Land Search
  • Enter the title deed’s number ie; Nairobi/Block123/321.
  • Fill the online form presented and submit.
  • Confirm that the details provided are accurate.
  • Proceed to pay using the available payment methods which include mpesa, credit cards or bank transfers.
  • After confirmation of the payment, print the results. If you decide not to print, the results will still be available in your e-Citizen account.
    • It is that simple and will cost you 500 shillings only.
    • These are not the days to purchase land blindly. Visit Wazury real estate and start that purchase you have been skeptical about.

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