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Attraction sites in Malindi.

Malindi town is located in Kilifi county along the coastal region of Kenya. It is one of the biggest tourist cities in the Kenya hence attracting a wide variety of people. Both the local and the international tourists play a major role in the economic stability of the town. Within the years, the national government has taken a keen interest in growing the tourism sector and Malindi town has been developed as a result of tourism.

There are a number of activities one can do in Malindi.

Some of this activities include;

  1. Site visits
  2. The beach
  3. Marafa Hells kitchen
  4. Malindi market
  5. Vasco Da Gama pillar

Needless to say, there are a lot of hidden gems that will take one with keen interested to explore. Isn’t that exciting?!

1. Site visits

Considering the developing nature of Malindi town, it is always a good idea to check out some of the properties on sale. Real estate agencies like Wazury Real Estate have a wide selection of affordable lands to choose from including one in the Chakama area

Such properties give value for your money as they are incredibly affordable. Land in the area can be used as holiday homes or for investment purposes such as farming, hotels and Airbnb’s.

For instance, Chakama area has excellent climatic conditions, easily accessible roads and good neighborhood.

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2. The beach

Malindi has endless and beautiful sandy beaches . Both private and public beaches are well maintained and offer utmost relaxation while enjoying the ocean breeze.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Malindi is Watamu beach. Beaches also comes with a wide selection of hotels that offer over the top hospitality services.

3. Marafa hells kitchen

The famously known Marafa hells kitchen is a geographical depression of sandstone that is located just 4o minutes drive from Malindi town. It is one of the most exciting attraction sites that offer a wide array of activities like hiking and nature views.

If you intend on visiting Malindi soon, ensure that this does not miss in your list of must dos because it is definitely worth the hype!

4. Malindi Market

There is always an unwritten rule that one must collect souvenir from the different places that they visit. What better place to buy this things if not at the Malindi market? You can collect art, pottery, and a wide variety of collectables.

5. Vasco Da Gama pillar

History is there to tell us how far we have come as a people. The Vasco da Gama tells history and the pillar is there to show. It was build by the Portuguese in the 1490s in order to give direction for those following the sea route. The story is quite intriguing but I am not one to give spoilers. Why don’t you visit and hear it. I’m sure you will be fascinated.

In the process of having all the fun and explorations, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss matters investing in Malindi. +254728279314

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