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Stories have been made of how a friend was scammed of some thousands of money while trying to purchase a property. This has made a lot of people scared of making a purchase. Below are some tips to help you make wiser financial decisions.

  • Do a site visit. Get to know what you are purchasing, its location and its neighborhood. This is to avoid buying what does not exist.
  • Perform due diligence on the property. This involves conducting a search of the property with the local authorities, to know the history of ownership and whether there are any local plans that might affect your land.
  • Land rates. Ensure that the land rates have been paid to avoid legal complications with the authorities.
  • Know the transactional cost involved. Before purchasing land, ensure that you clearly get the cost you have to incur to avoid additional expenses.
  • Do not make payments directly to the agent. Ensure that you have signed the legally binding documents with the owner and with a lawyer if possible.
  • Finally, you can work with professionals like lawyers and surveyors. Reason being, they are conversant with property laws and important details you need to note concerning a property.
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