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With enough knowledge on Real Estate as an investment ,one can make some good money and be financially stable. How is this even possible? My job today is to educate you more on this .Life tends to become unpredictable with just one source of income.

Purchase and renovation of Rental properties;

One way of investing in Real Estate is buying a rental property being sold at an affordable price. Thereafter, you can decide to renovate it and make some changes to make it more attractive. You can then rent it out to tenants and await monthly income. As any other business, this can be risky since tenants can damage the property and vacancies tend to bring less income. At the sale time, after a while you can sell the property at a higher price and generate more profit.

Flipping houses when prospects in the stock and bond market are low

Lydia earns 50,000ksh as her monthly salary. She decides to use her savings to buy a property on sale at an incredibly low and affordable price. She holds on to it for 3 months waiting for its market price to rise and makes a profit of 500,000 Ksh.

We refer to this as house flipping . When done right, it brings some good profit.

Joining Real Estate Investment groups

This is group of investors who put some small mutual funds on rental properties. Let me make things more clear for you. A company can buy a set of apartment blocks and give its members a chance to purchase them through the company.

Being a busy person ,this will work for you since the company will be in charge of advertising the vacancies, dealing with the tenants and all that hustle. You might be wondering what the company gains from this. The company gets a portion of the income and incase of a good offer on the sale of the property, you get to make some good money. you can decide to own one or multiple units of a mall or an office building.

Land banking as an investment.

This is another good investment for future use. You can decide to purchase land at a real estate agency in a growing place. Later on, sale the land at a higher price and make some income.

On this note, I would recommend you to visit Wazury Real Estate Limited for amazing offers.. There you go. Now you are ready to make some investments while still young.

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