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Some days at work tend to be more exciting than others. You can have an exciting encounter with a client or just the usual. Today I am going to share with you one of those peculiar days I had with a client. It is about to go down!

Some client of mine, let me call him James, wanted to sell an acre of land in a well gated and developed community, as fast as he could. To do so, he proposed that it be sold 30% off its market price and within a duration of 30 business days. I knew it was going be an easy task for me because of its price.

I went ahead and listed the property. As expected, my phone kept ringing with enquiries. The land had not been rezoned and many turned down the opportunity to purchase it . All hope was not lost, one client gave me a call. I explained to him the properties of this land and insisted that it had not been rezoned . Why would I try to sabotage myself? I believe that a client needs to know all the facts about my product before buying to avoid future blame and ensure customer satisfaction.

I was surprised to note that the land not being rezoned did not bother them. We organized a site visit and finished all the paperwork and ‘SOLD’. I was a happy realtor. I thought James would be so glad that the land was sold, instead he asked me for a charity foundation that we could contribute the money to. Upon asking him why he wanted to do so, he said that he had a dream that made him want to give money to the needy. I was just a astonished. Nevertheless, I had done what I had been paid to do.

I keep on wondering what the dream was about, to justify his actions. I guess we will never know.

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