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You have that “kajob” giving you a small amount of salary that cannot sustain you for months. You are now finding it hard to attain financial independence and are in constant fear of what you are going to do if you get dismissed. This is the part where I advise you to invest and especially at a young age. There are various reasons;

1. When compared, money invested early grows more than money invested late.

Tony started investing in real estate when he was just 25.His peer, Peter, decided to do the same 5 years later. By then Tony had gained 3 million on his investment when Peter was just starting. It is only logic to say that your money brings you more returns when it has longer time in a safe investment. Therefore investing young gives it the more time to grow.

2. Gain more experience.

‘The early bird catches the worm’ is a famous saying with a lot of reality behind it. In this case, the experience and knowledge you gain from investing early, is the worm. In your bid to invest and look for more investment opportunities, you get to make mistakes which is a good thing. Do not get me wrong, I consider it good because you get to make them early and learn from them.

A lot of experience in one field, in this case investing, makes you a ‘pro’ and you can even be a financial advisor to yourself and your peers

3.It provides more time to take risks.

Taking risks has proven to make one thrive in the competitive world. I mean, a person using the same old ways to do things will get the same results compared to a person who has decided to take a chance with a technique or technology. He or she is considered innovative.

For a young person, taking risks and exploring is possible as he or she has more time to fail and bounce back. An older person has to be more careful and can miss out on new and good opportunities in the name of fear.

4.Gain independence and security.

Would you not be contented knowing that there is a project somewhere that you have invested in and would really benefit you in future. This financial independence and sense of security is the main reason why investing young is crucial. Your future feels more secure.

If you have not started investing, now you have enough reasons to.

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