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Attraction sites in Malindi. Malindi town is located in Kilifi county along the coastal region of Kenya. It is one of the biggest tourist cities in the Kenya hence attracting a wide variety of people. Both the local and the international tourists play a major role in the economic stability of the town. Within the […]

At Wazury Real Estate, we do mind your welfare and try as much as we can to make our properties affordable. Being a land owner is an achievement we work towards making possible. Going for 250,000 only per acre, Wazury Gardens is located in Malindi in an area known as Chakama. Specifically 30 minutes from […]

Land is one of the best investment of all times. It has its importance as seen in It is clear that regardless of where the land is located, you almost always get value for your money. However, there are some of the features a land can have that make it more prime than the […]

what is a title deed. A title deed is a legal document that can be presented as proof of land ownership in kenya. Being the only document that proves ownership, it is very crucial for any individual that wants to be a land owner. This is basic knowledge even to scammers. The trick is knowing […]

4 things to look out for in a real estate agent Real estate is one of the major business industries worldwide. There are many key players including contractors, architects, the government, lenders, market consultants and many more. An agent plays a major role in the industry as they act as a bridge to all the […]

Will I be making a mistake if I decide to invest in land? Am I even ready to be a land owner? Any investor will have a lot of such questions. Below are some pointers to guide you in your decision making. Understand all the legal steps involved. Equipping yourself with knowledge on what steps […]

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